Hillcrest Community Garden

The Hillcrest Community Garden was initiated by the Board of Stewards and Trustees. People were offered plots to grow vegetables for their own use. Flowers were also planted just for their beauty. This project has also been an extension of our Sunday School’s African Twin School plot that raises money through donations from the produce. Many personal garden plot growers also have pledged a portion of their produce for the project and the local Food Bank. Other social groups like the local Food bank, Library, and Mental Health Association take part as well.

In 2019 Hillcrest received a grant to update our site, Here are a few of our upgrades.

Feel free to call Hillcrest 902-838-2698 early in the spring to be sure to book your garden plot for the upcoming season!

 IMG_00000010For 2019 all plots are presently filled.

Thank you to the Community Foundation of PEI in partnership with Joan and Regis Duffy Foundation for their financial assistance with our community garden.