Hillcrest Gospel Group

No Practice at Hillcrest until after Christmas.

The Hillcrest Gospel Group was formed as a community outreach program. It is not made up of United Church members only; instead, it is an ecumenical fellowship of musicians from the Montague area. We practice old-time gospel songs in the bluegrass style to give them an updated rhythm. Presently, we have musicians playing, harmonica, button accordion, mandolin, guitar, bass, and concertina. Moreover, we also have a large group of vocalists to add to the joyous sound. Sometimes, we include more secular favorites that would be appropriate for the many retirement and nursing home settings that we frequent. We also play for some local fund raising projects and for the Montague “Summer Days” parade. Our musical selections are always kept simple so that new folks can easily join in with us. Sometimes, we are even able to help you learn a new musical instrument. Many of our vocalists have been singing in church choirs for years, and they are also helpful in teaching harmony to newcomers. Best of all, we have lots of good old fashioned fun!

Check our Home page on this site for specific practice dates; however, generally Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.  (September to June) at Hillcrest United Church are the norm.


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