Hillcrest United Church, (part of Montague Pastoral Charge) Montague P.E.I.

P.O. Box 634
50 Wood Islands Hill
Montague PEI, COA 1RO
Phone: 838-2698, Fax: 361-3052
Email us at: montagueunited@gmail.com
Office Hours 
Tuesday-Friday 8AM-12PM
Rev. W. Martin Dawson  Dip. Agriculture. B.A. M.Div.

Join us for worship each Sunday at 11 a.m. and for our other church related events during the week.
    Service June 18, 2017 

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 Hillcrest United Church Story and Recipe (Cook) Book is in progress. No one would deny that here at Hillcrest we are good with food, both for fundraising and for fun. We want to hear from you with recipes and with accompanying stories. Please. contact Sally Warrington, at sallyrussell@bellaliant.net or drop it by the church office.



The C.E Committee is looking for youth who would like to act in our church video blog that was written  as a modern version of the book of “Acts” in the Bible. Any teens are asked to contact the office or Rev. Martin.


1:00 pm Hillcrest Bridge group welcomes experienced and beginners.

FRIDAY, June 23

10:00 am Frank’s Computer College

YOUTH SLEEPOVER at Hillcrest on Saturday June 24th at 5:30 p.m.

SUNDAY June 25

Sunday School Celebration during worship service.

Youth Choir will meet at 10 am and sing in church.

Hillcrest UCW is fundraising to sponsor the building of a simple home in Guatemala. Through Corrine Ellsworth and her Mission Group (Arms of Jesus), we will work on the construction of a furnished 2 room home. The goal is $2200.00. Cheques can be made out to Hillcrest United Church (Mission House) to our treasurer. Donations can also be made through our website service “Canada Helps”. Just make sure that you dedicate to the “Mission House”. You will receive an instant tax donation statement from Canada Helps.